1. Brazil 巴西

    Brazil, home to the greatest number of fitness models within the Latin region, is a place where you’ll find women who rank among the most beautiful on the planet. Both blonde and brunette Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy, sporty and very attractive bodies which greatly complements their ravishing looks. Most famed women from Brazil have medium complexion with glowing skin。巴西是拉美地域盛产健身模特数目最多的国度。在这里,你会发明这个星球上最美的女子。 金黄或咖啡色的秀发,性感活动型的曼妙身材与巴西女子的姣美面貌面貌相得益彰。那些巴西最著名的女性多数拥有中性红润的面色。